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IronMan Organizer – Wii U

Press F10 to switch FULLSCREEN

“An ironman is similar to a crew battle, but it is between two people instead of two groups. It is an idea of g-regulate on SmashBoards based on Overswarm’s idea.” -Ssb Wiki

IronMan Organizer is a tool to create IronMan Matches in a few sec.

How it works:
* Find a friend
* Select a game mode
* Adjust settings ( Stocks, Random, Money, Alternate Selection, Unique Characters, Counterpick)
* Press F10 to have a badass fullscreen interface
* Play !

You can save the current state of the IronMan if you want to resume it later.

****** UPDATE ******
* Removed Mii as only one character
* Added: Mii Brawler
* Added: Mii Gunner
* Added: Mii Swordfighter
* Fix: “can’t deselect your character in Money Mode if your Money left is smaller than the price of the character”
* Balance adjustements
* Reduced image quality to increase performance across a wider range of devices
* Fix: “Entering a name in the player 1 slot puts the name in both the Player 1 and 2 slots”

Download for Android

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