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Crazy Marth

Press F10 to switch FULLSCREEN

Support Xbox 360 controllers

Crazy Marth is a powershield MINI game !
There is 2 game modes available :

Regular mode : Use Marth to powershield as much items as you can (lasers, supercharges, pills, turnips) . You can forward smash CPU Fox running and dash dancing on the field to earn more points to unlock new stages.

20XX advice: If you land a smash or powershield an item, you can cancel it with another smash/powershield !
You start the game with 100%, and the game end when you reach 0%
Items frequency increases over time.

Laser mode : Use marth to powershield as much lasers throwed by ROB as you can. Lasers frequency increases over time. In Laser mode, powershield are harder to perform. (more ssbm like)
You start with only 1% !

Download for Android

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