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Break The Targets – BETA 01

Thank you for your interest in participating in the beta testing of Break The Targets for Android.

If you want to leave a feedback or report a bug, please use the contact form available below the post.
Don’t forget to precise wich version of the beta you have.
Also please consider that I am alone on this project, with a full time job and SmashDatabase to keep updated every day. I can’t be professional on every aspect of the game but i hope you’ll like it anyway! So thank you for you help!
Currently available in the BETA:
* 70+ Levels
* 15+ few SSBM BTT tribute stages
* Target Buster
* Training Room (may lag or be buggy, it’s more like a debug room for me at the moment so don’t mind about it)

Next updates:
Levels xx to 100
SSBM Tribute stages xx to 25
Training Room updates (debug features, more mini challenges…)
Additional modes
Additional languages ( You can also help if you want to translate in your language from the english version )

It’s a time trial platformer game with simple controls featuring over 100 levels and an online ladder for the total time.

Tap to jump, a second tap will trigger the Double Jump
Swipe in a direction after while in air to perform an aerial attack (also known as UPAIR/FAIR/DAIR/BAIR).
Hold the ‘SWINGER’ button while in the SWING circle to use your SWINGER.
You can also use the LASER and the PHANTASM after reaching a required XP Level.

****** MAJOR UPDATES ******

BETA 1.8.3 10/09/2016
-Added SSBM Tribute Stage #16
-Added SSBM Tribute Stage #17
-Added SSBM Tribute Stage #18
-Added SSBM Tribute Stage #19
-Added SSBM Tribute Stage #20
-Added SSBM Tribute Stage #21
-Added SSBM Tribute Stage #22
-Added SSBM Tribute Stage #23
-Added SSBM Tribute Stage #24
-Added SSBM Tribute Stage #25

BETA 1.8.1
– Added Left Right Deadzone settings
– Added SSBM Tribute Stage #14
– Added SSBM Tribute Stage #15
– Small increase of aerials hitboxes
– Fix: Success and failed sounds don’t play anymore if music is set on OFF.
– Fix: Vibrate correctly disabled is set on OFF
– Added new Options menu
– Added Stage #67
– Added Stage #68
– Added Stage #69
– Added Stage #70
– Added Level #71
– Added Level #72
– Added Level #73
– Added Level #74
– Added Level #75
– Complete sound rework
– Added Visual FX to some animations
– Death/Friendly object overlay so we can clearly see them from the black elements
– Laser and Phantasm on PRESS event ( so no more missclick)
– Complete rework of controls for a coming soon Gamepad support
– Added JETPACK feature ( Level #71 )
– Minors Bug fixes
– Moved a bit higher the last target in #29

BETA 1.7.0 05/09/2016
– Added Musics
– Added HUD and Menu animations
– Added Neutral Aerial Attack (instructions below)
– Increased the height of the JUMP Area button
– Added Credits Menu
– Added Tribute Stage #09
– Added Tribute Stage #10
– Added Tribute Stage #11
– Added Tribute Stage #12
– Added Normal Stage #64
– Added Normal Stage #65
– Fixed incorrect targets hitboxes when following a path
– Improved swinger movements
– Training room in maintenance.
– Some levels tweaks to balance difficulty

To perform a Nair, just tap once on the swipe area
instead of swiping in a direction

BETA 1.5.0 – 01/09/2016
– 20 new levels – 0->63
– Hud off screen target indicator
– bug fixes
– Shop Menu
– Some levels balances, order change, tweaks
– Total Time Leaderboard cleared
– Swinger improvement and animations
– Moving platforms
– Framerate increase for some devices

Actually the total time required to reach the next XP level is not really balanced, i need to gather a lot of stats to balance it before the release.
So please, play. Thank you !

BETA 1.2.5 – 29/08/2016
– new engine for the ropes: Swinger (like a grapple)

BETA 1.2.0 – 28/08/2016
– A New controls System
– New visuals tips
– Jumps are now instantaneous

BETA 1.1.5 – 27/08/2016
– Some new levels
– Target Buster Mode

BETA 1.1.0 – 26/08/2016
– Beta mail sent.

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